Home Staging Services & Rates

  • Home Staging Consultations - We offer two types of consults to fit your needs.  Choose from the walk and talk consult or our report consult where you'll receive a full written report plus extras.
    • Going into the consultation it is helpful to know if you are open to small renovations, painting, renting furniture or decor, buying new furniture or decor (you can take these to your next home!) or if you want to use only what you currently have.  This is all doable and I will keep this in mind during the consult.   
    • Walk & Talk Consult ($175) - We will walk through your home, interior and exterior, for up to two hours and I will provide expert advice on what would make each room stand out to potential buyers.  
    • Report Consult ($250) - This consult can last up to three hours and in addition to providing advice on all areas of the home, you'll receive a written report that details the action steps needed, plus you'll also get a valuable packet full of tips, tricks, and checklists.  
  • Occupied Staging  (First 5 hrs (min) $325, $55/hr thereafter)
    • For homeowners that would like additional assistance post consultation, I provide the following staging services - including, but not limited to, de-cluttering and organization, coordinating other work to be done (i.e. painting, minor repairs), furniture and decor rental selections, shopping on behalf of client for new furniture or decor, and staging the property in preparation for real estate photos.  
  • **NEW for 2018** Pre-List Photo Styling Session (3 Hrs, $215)
    • This service requires a consultation prior to being booked in which homeowner will complete suggested updates and edits and then we come in prior to real estate photos to put finishing touches on the main living spaces of the home - anything from styling bookcases and mantels to properly making and styling the bed.  This service uses only the belongings of the homeowner.   It's all about making the home STAND OUT in photos and APPEALING to as many buyers as possible.   
  • Vacant Staging (Costs vary - call or email for quote)
    • We utilize a combination of Blue Stone's inventory of furniture, art, and decor as well as furniture rentals to create a custom design for your vacant property.  
    • Vacant staging packages include rentals for 60 days, then month to month if needed. 
    • Our basic package starts at $2,200 - this includes furniture, art, and decor for living room, dining room, master bedroom and accessories in entry, kitchen, and bath(s).  Note - this price is typical of a smaller home that is priced around $150,000. 
    • Our average staging project is between $2,500 - $3,300.  
    • The two main factors that effect the cost of a vacant staging project are:
      1. Number of rooms and the square footage to be staged - determines amount of furniture, art, and accessories needed.
      2. Price point of the property - as price point gets higher, buyer expectations are higher and require an additional layer of luxuriousness, on-trend art and furniture, and more attention to detail.
  • Redesign Services
    • Need an update or fresh look to an existing space?  Combining things you already own with a few new pieces can really transform a space.  It can be as simple as some new paint, an accent wall, new lighting, rug or wall art.  This service can be just a consultation to give you inspiration or can be full service where we do the shopping and installation for you!     
      • Consultation - $175 for up to 3 rooms (each additional room $45) - includes up to 2 hours at location, plus a summary report with product examples
      • Full Service - First 5 hours (min) $325, $55/hr thereafter